About Us

We aim to provide our customers with the best solutions for managing their healthcare requirements irrespective of where they are and what the time is. Our website makes use of the blockchain technology and hence, all the interactions between our participants are simple and completely transparent. On our platform, we offer access to various medical records, certified medical specialists, and medical treatments. We offer a perfect ecosystem for all doctors, patients, and medical insurance company. Our integrated smart contracts help us to deliver telemedicine services to the medical insurance agencies. We make sure that in all our deals our clients have to deal with minimal expenditure for the online consultancies, as we ourselves automate most part of the processes of all our clients.

With our firm, you ensure that you can access consultation from medical specialists at any time of the day. Every socioeconomic group can avail discount on their initial consultation, irrespective of their residential country. The actual figures for the expenditure of all our services are available to all the doctors, patients, and medical insurance agencies. We offer our clients complete control over their medical records. We even offer consultations through both online and in-person mediums.

Our several years of hard work in developing our cloud systems helps us to deliver high-tech solutions, which are perfectly compatible with the modern digital medicine created by the most reputed medical agencies of the world.

By making use of our system, one can easily access various advantages. Our efficient system automatically makes thorough checks on any prescribed medication and any previous medical records of the patients and informs them accordingly. This saves the patients from getting into the hassle of properly organizing their medical records and prescriptions. With our machine-learning systems and the high-quality neural networks, help our clients to reach new diagnostic approaches with ease. Moreover, our blockchain smart contracts deal in cryptocurrency making all the transactions completely safe and transparent. In addition, our artificial intelligence image recognition systems efficiently evaluate the medical diagnosis.

Our sources of monetization include revenues from selling services and from our collaboration partners. Selling services, revenues include consultation with specialists, subscription charges, and additional medicinal services. While the revenue from our collaborations comes from the fees, which we take for selling insurance policies, and the fees taken from the revenue of our specialists.

We also have a clear policy when it comes to funding and token distribution. All our plans are well organized and developed after putting great though, so we can ensure security for investors and offer them credibility while running ICO projects. Our website has clear information about how we manage and distribute our tokens and how we use them in our projects. We also provide clarifications that state the conditions under which clients can trade them for some other cryptocurrencies.

Our biggest strength is our team. All our team members are highly qualified and skilled in their respective fields. They have years of experience and are well reputed in the industry. With our skilled team, our experience, and a wide range of services, we are undoubtedly the best firm in the digital healthcare industry.