The A Day Without Touch Challenge and Fundraiser Has Ended — Thanks to Everyone for Their Support

What is the Challenge?

Put simply, participants spend an entire day trying to avoid skin-to-skin contact with others in a demonstration of solidarity with people living in communities where Ebola is widespread. During the Challenge, participants are encouraged to share their experiences on this website and via social media. On December 16, there will be a National Day Without Touch so we can all demonstrate  solidarity and raise funds together.

How do I take the Challenge?


  1. Make an initial contribution to Doctors Without Borders. This can be any amount, but the idea is to donate some money even if you manage to go an entire day without touch. For the average contributor, we recommend an initial donation of $50.
  2. Pledge to donate additional money to Doctors Without Borders each time you intentionally or unintentionally touch someone during the Challenge. We recommend an amount smaller than your initial contribution, such as $5 or $10 per touch.
  3. Contact people you know and ask them to take the Challenge with you. The Challenge is more fun with others!
  4. Take the Challenge on Tuesday, December 16 or another date of your choosing. During the day, share your experiences on this website and social media.
  5. Fulfill your pledge. Once the Challenge is over, make another donation to the campaign based on the number of times you had physical contact during the Challenge.